Model 518-Paint Borer TCG

Thick Coat Gauge (TCG) capable to measure “thick layers” up to 6000 µm  on concrete, plaster, screed, wood, plastic etc.   For measuring coatings on non-metallic substrates.  The evaluation can be carried out either analogue (via scaled magnifier) or digitally (via software).

Laboratory- /Pilot-Coating Machine VCML Roller Application System

The VCML is a precision engineered coating machine, designed to print, coat and laminate all types of flexible webs such as papers, films, and metallic foils on a reel-to-reel basis. With the ability to apply various coatings such as inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives both solvent and water based, by various application methods, this makes the VCML particularly useful for product development, quality control and small scale production for low volume of a specialised product.

A selection of standard printing/coating processes available are shown below. Customised equipment can also be quickly designed and built to meet customer requirements.

Gravure Reverse Gravure Gravure Offset
Rotary Screen Hot Melt Slot-die or Gravure Meter Bar
Flexographic Laminating Knife over Roll
2 Roll Pressure Flexible Blade Coating Kiss

GRAVUR PROOFER GP100 (631) Roller Application Unit- Automatic

High quality proofs using gravure inks of press viscosity are produced instantly using the new GP100. Featuring a microprocessor controlled servo drive and pneumatic operation, electronically engraved printing plates and variable printing speeds of 1 to 100m/min, this is an essential tool for all those involved in the manufacturing or use of liquid inks. Ideal for R&D and computer colour matching data, quality control and presentation samples, the GP100 is very easy to clean.

Any flexible substrate can be printed.

Excellent printability ensured by the high speed of 100 m/min.

Quick release Doctor Blade for ease of cleaning

FLEXIPROOF / FLEXIPROOF UV (630-630UV) Roller Application Unit- Automatic

The new FlexiProof 100 is a user-friendly instrument that quickly produces print samples using water-based, solvent-based or UV-flexographic inks. It is indispensable for anyone involved in the manufacture and processing of flexographic printing inks. Ideal for use in quality assurance, R&D, for printing originals and for computer-assisted colour formulations.

  • Printers – eliminates press downtime by colour matching off press.
  • Can be used to determine performance properties, i.e. wear resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility, durability, gloss, etc.
  • Will print on all typical commercial substrates- paper, film, foil.
  • Minimises expensive on-press waste production, boosts customer confidence and minimises customer returns.
  • Inks – computer colour matching, database and sample preparation.
  • Eliminates the need to use a production line printing press for pilot runs, as the Flexiproof 100 is a scaled down but exact version of a full sized flexo press.
  • Research and development – product viability, commercial viability.
  • Now available with UVLED curing capabilities.
  • Complies with ISO 2834-2  

    Results are ideal for computer colour matching or spectrophotometer readings.


PASTE INK PROOFER (629) Roller Application Unit (Automatic)

The Paste Proofer is very well suited for fast, repeatable, very accurate colour matching of litho inks, web offset inks and letter-press inks. Its unique ink dispensing system eliminates the need to weigh or measure the colour samples on this device. The ability of the Paste Proofer to quickly and easily produce sample proofs makes it an essential tool for ink manufacturing and printing shops. The proofs can be used to create base data for computer colour matching, for customer samples, or for testing hue, gloss, opacity, penetrability, drying, contrast, and abrasion resistance.


Accurate proofs produced in a single operation.

No messy weighing or measuring of inks, unlike other proofers.

Two inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison.

Complete inking/proofing/cleaning cycle only 2 – 3 minutes.

Multiple proofs easily obtained using any substrate.

Reduces press down-time.

PRINTING PROOFER (628) Roller Application Unit (Automatic)

The PRINTING PROOFER quickly produces high-quality printed proofs using gravure or flexographic inks. By using electronically engraved printing plates and an adjustable printing speed of up to 40 m/min, this instrument has become an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the production and processing of printing inks. It is perfect for making samples for quality control or for presentation purposes to customers. It can also be used for R&D and computer colour formulations.



  • High quality proofs using gravure, gravure-offset or flexo inks are produced instantly using the K Printing Proofer.
  • Almost any flexible substrate can be printed or laminated.
  • Excellent printability ensured by micrometer control.
  • Multiple ink samples may be printed simultaneously for comparison purposes.
  • High printing speeds enable use of inks nearing press viscosity.
  • Easy to operate with a footprint of just 400 x 500mm
Results ideal for computer colour matching or spectrophotometer readings.

AUTOMATIC K LOX ROLLER (622) Roller Application Unit (Automatic)

An ideal instrument for applying defined layers of liquid media (e.g. as flexographic inks) onto absorbent or non-absorbent substrates for manufacturing repeatable sample presses that comes very close to conventional flexographic printing. The application conditions are determined using either the engraved anilox rollers or the wire-wound rollers. The AUTOMATIK K-LOX Roller consists of an electric motor-driven or pneumatically-driven basic unit (the K 101) and the K-Lox attachment. It ensures a constant pulling speed (up to 15 m/min), uniform contact pressure and a very high level of repeatability.


The ESIPROOF is a precision manually operated instrument for producing realistic, high quality flexographic proofs. Applications include colour proofing for both customer approval and spectrophotometer colour analysis readings. Use of a doctor blade enables the proofing of all flexo inks, including high viscosity, UV curing. Both steel and ceramic anilox rollers are easily interchangeable. Spring loaded pressure control for ease of use and repeatability.

  • Single screen or banded ceramic anilox rollers available.
  • All commercial inks and substrates can be accurately proofed.
  • Compact size makes it ideal for on site troubleshooting.
  • Micrometer version available.
Recommended for visual colour matching.

HAND-K-LOX-ROLLER (621 ) Roller Application Unit- Manual

An ideal instrument for applying defined layers of liquid media (e.g. as flexographic inks) onto absorbent or non-absorbent substrates for manufacturing repeatable sample presses that comes very close to conventional flexographic printing. The application conditions are determined using either the engraved anilox rollers or wire-wound rollers. The K-LOX-ROLLER is an important tool in both printer ink manufacturing and during ink processing, it is particularly well suited for use in quality control, presentation prototypes, R&D, and computer-assisted colour formulations.

Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine 142-Basic series

Universal sheet metal testing machine, Erichsen cupping and deep-draw testing and FLC, Model 142-20 BASIC up to 200 kN and Model 142-40 BASIC up to 400 kN tensile force.

Test Standards- ISO 8490, EN 14-58, ,EN 14-67, EN ISO 20482, JIS Z-2247, DIN EN 1669, ISO 11 531, JIS Z 2249, GB/T 15825

Application: This Testing Machine can be used not only to perform effortlessly, quickly and accurately all important and known deep drawing tests for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but it is also designed for a large number of additional technological investigations like the ERICHSEN Cupping Test and the ERICHSEN Deep Drawing Cup Test on sheet and strips.

Relevant attributes are: Square Cup Test (40 x 40 mm), Bore Expanding Test (KWI Test), Bore Expanding Test (ISO 16630), Deep Drawing Test with Blankholder Quick Release (for Earing Test), Deep Drawing Test with Preselected Punch Stroke, Deep Drawing Test at High Temperatures up to 550 °C, ERICHSEN Cupping Test for Lacquer and Paint in accordance with DIN ISO 1520, Stamping Lacquer Test and Deep Drawing Cup Test on Coil Coatings.

Special Requirements on request.

The Testing Machine is driven electro-hydraulically. The test sequence can be controlled automatically or manually, as desired. A programmable logic controller is used to control the functions of the machine. The testing machine is equipped with digital displays for indicating the sheet holder force, the drawing force. as well as the drawing punch stroke. The triple-acting hydraulic system in conjunction with the general design results in the following cost saving simplifications:

  • Blanking press in the test head
  • Hydraulic cup ejector
  • Fully-automatic test sequence with stop at specimen failure (as of 0.3 mm sheet thickness)

The Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 142-Basic, was developed for testing as a means for continuous production control using standardised and other established methods.