Display Instrument 975AP

Instrument for force measurement in connection with DMS force transducers, including integrated mains supply.

Model 922 Electric Load Cell

These force measuring devices are suitable for universal applications, namely wherever tensile and pressure forces need to be measured with a high degree of accuracy, e.g. in materials testing (Erichsen Tensile Testing Machines UNIMAT® and UNIMAT® + UNICONTROL ®), in reference measuring equipment and in research and development. For industrial purposes too, these force transducers are ideal in the fields of automation, controlling press-in processes and in jointing technology.  An extensive accessories program is available. A connection to the Measuring and Display Instruments 975 AP, 980 AP and PHYSIMETER 906 MC is also possible by means of an adapter plug.    Measuring range 5kN to 1000kN available.