Stone Hammer Blow Tester 508VDA & 508SAE

A multi-blow test instrument developed in association with the automotive industry, offering outstanding reproducibility and comparability of results. The pressure accumulator dampens variations in the compressed air mains. Supply of shot particle adjustable.

508 VDA acc. To DIN EN ISO 20567-1, FORD FLTM BI 157-06, RENAULT D24 1702, PSA D24 1312, DAIMLER DBL 5425.

508 SAE acc. To  SAE J 400, ASTM D 3170

Bend & Impact Tester 471

Practical test method to determine the quality of coated metal sheets by deformation in a sudden blow The Bend and Impact Tester is used to measure both flexibility and impact resistance of light gauge sheet metal, or tube stock, coatings in a single operation. The test simulates punching, beading, crimping and similar operations.

Variable Impact Tester 304

For tests on coatings for crack formation, breaking off, adhesion and elasticity. A bulge is formed in the sheet metal by a falling weight with a hemispherical end. The coating can be on the outside or on the inside of the bulge. The energy of blow can be varied either by using different heights of fall or different dropping weights.