For measuring coating thickness digitally.  The GalvanoTest is available in two versions;  Model 2000 is the basic version. In its default delivered configuration without accessories, it is suitable for measuring a large number of layer/layer or layer/base material combinations. This model is especially recommended for measuring multiple layers because it is easy to handle. The Model 3000 provides even more comfort during use. The measuring stand with built-in circulation pump and easily replaceable measuring cell enables the electrolyte to be automatically filled or emptied. It also helps conserve electrolyte, since the automatic circulation of the measuring cell filling can be used repeatedly for multiple detachment sequences. Another advantage of the Model 3000 is that very small detachment surfaces of up to 0.25 mm2 are possible.   Both versions- Coulometric coating thickness measurement, for electroplated layers, 0.05 μm – 75 μm

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