PaintChecker Model 591

PaintChecker mobile LED Blue 591 gauge a photothermal measuring device used for the non contact and non destructive determination of coating thicknesses in accordance with DIN EN 15042-2. (metallic substrates), coating thickness ranges: 20-150 µm – powder, 50-250 µm – powder thk, 20-200 µm cured

Specially developed for the measurement of powder coatings before curing on various substrates such as steel, aluminum and ceramics.
Cured coatings can also be measured. The precise layer thickness measurement is geometry independent and therefore also possible on complex parts such as corners, edges or curved inner sides.  The photothermal measuring method is an indirect measuring method which means that the measuring device does not measure coating thickness values directly, but that they are derived indirectly from the evaluation of the photothermal measurement signal.
The Sensor
The sensor made of extruded high-strength plastic is designed for manual handling and contains, in addition to eye-safe positioning LEDs (UV light), the measurement data recording.  The fabricated cable that connects the sensor and the controller unit is 0.8 m in length.
With the ergonomic, lightweight sensor, measurements can be made directly by hand. With its optomechanical structure, the sensor can also be used in the immediate vicinity of the application.
The Controller-Unit
The controller-unit is contained in a rugged aluminum housing. All of the settings can be selected and modified conveniently with the membrane keypad using a context-related menu that is easy to understand.  The USB connection is used for communicating with a PC. The software allows complete control over the measurement procedure and storage of measurement data.  The measuring values are saved in measuring series for immediate or later use.

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