Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder COATMASTER 510 & 510XL

The Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder COATMASTER 510/510 XL, enhanced successor of the worldwide established COATMASTER 509 MC, is a compact combined film application and testing instrument equipped with a foil keyboard, and performing two basic functions if the appropriate accessories are selected: the use as a high-precision film applicator, the determination of the degree of dryness in  accordance with DIN 53 150 and the performance of comparative drying tests. Exchangeable Specimen Platforms : Glass plate,  Vacuum suction plates for foils, papers and cards, in different versions – also electrically heatable, adjustable for temperatures up to 140°C (upon request up to 150 °C).

Model 481 Autospray Type APL 1.2

Model 481 Autospray Type APL 1.2, spray applicator for test panels in acc. to DIN EN 50016, ATEX EX II 2G p II T3 and
VDE 0170/0171, Teil 3.

Multi-Clearance Film Applicator 421

Produces 6 or 10 film strips of graded thicknesses in one operation. Film thickness range: 10 – 500 microns. Suitable for assessing paint properties in relation to film thickness: opacity, colour strength, drying properties etc.


A film applicator with variable gap height. Clearance adjustable in the range 0 – 1000 microns by means of a micrometer screw (accuracy 1 microns). Available for film widths 80/150/220 mm

Model 409 UNICOATER Film Applicator

The UNICOATER 409 is a budget-priced, motor-driven film applicator for defined and reproducible application of coating materials on very different plain substrates.  Irregularities and inaccuracies inevitable when applying films by hand, are avoided using the UNICOATER 409.  This results in the following important advantages: – an even and reproducible film thickness over the whole surface – the possibility to produce very quickly a large number of identical samples.

Quadruple Film Applicator 360

An inexpensive special film applicator with 4 heights of gaps for widths of film 13/40/60/90 mm. Standard gap heights 30/60/90/120 microns. Also available for other wet film thicknesses in the range from 15 – 2000 microns. Model 360 is made of corrosion resistant steel.

Spiral Film Applicator 358

Well proven film applicator for any kind of film forming liquid. Particularly suitable for applying films to flexible substrates. Available for film widths 80/150/220 mm and wet film thicknesses between 10 and 200 microns. Made of stainless steel.

ICI Film Spinner 334

To produce specimen panels with an evenly applied paint film of defined thickness. Variable speed from 100 – 2500 min-1

Paint Film Applicator 288

Duplex film applicator for film widths 80/120/180/230 mm. Made of corrosion resistant steel. The two gaps can be chosen as desired from the range 15 – 2000 microns.