Corrocutter SMART Model 638

For sample preparation, automatic sample milling machine, standard-conform defined cut “scribe” line application on coated test panels, programmable process, excellent repeatability.  The automatic sample milling machine CORROCUTER Smart 638 for standard-conform defined cut “scribe” line application on coated test panels for corrosion testing. Programmable process with excellent repeatability; incl. software for sample and cut positioning with preset programs as well as the possibility of setting own programs.  The automatic sample milling machine CORROCUTTER Smart 638 is a tabletop unit. The electromotive drive ensures a constant feed motion of the cutting tool.
All functions are controlled by a comfortable, easy-to-use WINDOWS control software (operating system from WIN7). The software and a USB cable 2.0 are included in the scope of supply.   Test standards DIN EN ISO 17872, DIN EN ISO 12944-6

Scratch Stylus 463

This hand operated instrument complete with carbide cutting tip provides a convenient means of scoring a 1 mm wide rectangular track in a surface coating – for corrosion tests.