Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine Model 242-BASIC

For testing elasticity and adhesive quality of lacquers and other protective coatings on metallic supports.  Fully automatic cupping and deep-draw testing machine for testing the ductility of coated ferrous and non-ferrous metals (such as coil coatings, painted, plastic-coated or galvanized materials). This testing machine is electro-hydraulically driven and has a maximum pulling force of 200 kN. This testing machine is equipped with digital displays for reading the drawing and blank holding force, as well as the drawing stamp travel. During the production of thermo-formed products, the materials are deformed along all three coordinate planes. In order to avoid any subsequent corrosion damage, the surface coating must not be damaged. The 242-Basic Model is well suited for using with sheet metal thickness ranging from 0.2 mm to 4.0 mm, for the standard inspections and verifications required for quality assurance.   Paint testing machine, Erichsen cupping and deep-draw test, up to 200 kN tensile force, test standards DIN EN ISO 1520, DIN EN 13523-6

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