Model 508-Select Multi Grit Test Machine

Stone impact simulations, modular system with removeable bombardment attachments for VDA-Select-/SAE-Module, VDA/DIN/PSA/DBL

508 Select (VDA module)- DIN EN ISO 20567-1, FORD FLTM BI 157-06,  RENAULT D24 1702, PSA D24 1312, DAIMLER DBL 5416

508 Select (SAE module)- SAE J 400, ASTM D 3170

With the modular MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 Select, the user only needs a basic device which can be converted with little effort for bombardment tests “according to VDA” or “according to SAE”.  The clear arranged menu navigation via the touch panel has password-protected levels, which protect against unauthorized access (such as program changes). Depending on the application, a VDA module (with manual or pneumatic specimen applying device) or a SAE  module is selected. A change between the different modules designed as attachments is quick and easy, without spending lots of time.

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