Gradient Oven Model 432-I and 432-II

The Gradient-oven, Model 432, is an indispensable tool for a need-based optimization of baking processes in the coating industry. To assess the baking and drying behavior of paint and powder coatings, resins, plastic materials and similar. The production process can be simulated by programming heat-up speed, baking temperature, and time with temperatures up to 320 °C.

Drying Time Recorder 504

Inexpensive, motorised instrument for automatic recording of drying process of paints and similar coating materials. 6 tests can beperformed in parallel. Running time selector for 6, 12 or 24 hours for different test systems.

Through-Dry Tester 416

For testing the degree of through drying of a coating. A test plunger faced with nylon fabric and loaded with a defined weight is lowered onto the test surface for a period of 10 s, and then turned through 90º. The resulting effect on the coating is evaluated after lifting the test plunger

Drying Time Tester 415

A simple plunger type press for measuring Degree of Dryness in accordance with DIN 53 150 in the range from 2 to 7. A glass tube Ballotini dispenser to measure Degree of Dryness 1 is available as accessory.

Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder COATMASTER 510

The Film Applicator and Drying Time Recorder COATMASTER 510, enhanced successor of the worldwide established COATMASTER 509 MC, is a compact combined film application and testing instrument equipped with a foil keyboard, and performing two basic functions if the appropriate accessories are selected: the use as a high-precision film applicator, the determination of the degree of dryness in accordance with DIN 53 150 and the performance of comparative drying tests.