Cathodic Delaminator, Model 602

The Cathodic Delaminator is used for rapid checking of product quality and frequently quality control of coated metals. The apparatus consists of a control unit and a temperature control vessel (immersion container) with 8 test receptacles and circulator. Each test vessel has its own constant current source. So you can use up to 8 specimens for testing, independently of each other. The cathodic delamination allows the determination of infiltration of the coating in the damaged area and erroneous retreatments can be made visible (formation of bubbles during pinholes, scratches or stone impact).

Cyclic Corrosion Testing Apparatus (CCT), Model 618

Besides the usual applications such as salt spray test and cyclic corrosion tests (CCT), the specimens can be stored and tested in an atmosphere with controlled humidity. Constant settings, as well as rising and falling ramps for temperature and humidity can be programmed quickly and easily using a display with “Touch” function. The Model 618 is ideal for using fast ramps for temperatures or rel. humidity or for slowly increasing/ decreasing over several hours. An additional air conditioner allows the operator to carry out low-temperature cycles down to -40°C and dry heat up to +70°C.   Possible test methods include: DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH, DIN 50958, DIN 55991, ISO 11503, ASTM D2247, BS 3900 Part F2, DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT, DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AT, ASTM B117, D171058, ISO 9227, DIN EN ISO 9227 SS, DIN EN ISO 9227 ESS, DIN EN ISO 9227 CASS, P-VW 1210, VDA 233-102


Accelerated Weathering Instrument BANDOL WHEEL®H 532/II Photo-ageing instrument for acceleration of natural weathering
for “wet or dry” cycles. 
Accelerated Weathering Instrument.  A reliable accelerated weathering instrument in a compact design for acceleration of natural weathering. BANDOL WHEEL® was developed for quick but natural weathering, similar to outdoor exposure. To complete the weathering cycle, a mask can be added in the equipment which permits the introduction of obscurity phases without switching off the light source. The samples get a nominal UV radiation level corresponding to about “2 suns”. This permits an important acceleration in weathering that, at the same time, still correlates with natural weathering.


Simple and low cost test apparatus for continuous salt spray and condensation water testing. The test chamber with a volume of 400 l and all electric and pneumatic components to operate and control the test cycle are incorporated into a compact rectangular cabinet of plastic material. Complete, with specimen holders, storage tank for 90 l salt solution, pressure gauge and LCD for the temperature regulator and test time counter.

Corrosion Test Apparatus 608

For testing vehicle components using cycles of changing corrosive effects in accordance with VDA 621-415. Basic concept, design details and dimensions as for Model 606. Microcomputer to control test cycle (neutral salt spray SS DIN 50 021, alternating condensation water climate SFW DIN 50 017, ambient temperature DIN 50 014).  Tests in accordance with international standards, 2 test chambers operable with 1 control cabinet.  Operation via SIEMENS touch screen. Various test chamber sizes with test volume of 400 l, 1000 l or 2000 l can be selected regarding the requirements. The test chambers (400 l and 1000 l) are available in circular and rectangular design. The circular design provides even distribution of the salt solution vapour over the entire test zone.   When tests are required on larger working parts, it is often not possible to employ a test chamber of circular symmetry. For this reason, as an alternative,  rectangular  test  chambers  with  a  capacity  of  up  to 2000 l (special dimensions upon request) can be supplied.  DIN 40 046  ISO 1456 BS 3900/ F4 DIN EN ISO 9227 ISO 3768 NF X 41-002 DIN 50 907 ISO 3769 JIS Z 2371 DIN 53 167 ISO 3770   ISO 7253 SIS 184 190  ASTM B 117 ECCA T 8 ASTM B 287  ASTM B 368 DEF 1053 Meth. 24 ASTM D 1735 DEF 1053 Meth. 36  MIL STD 202 D MIL STD 810 C  DIN EN ISO 6270-2 DIN 50 958 DIN 55 991  ISO 3231 ISO 11503   ASTM D 2247   VDA 621-415 P-VW 1210  SWAAT 

Corrosion Test Apparatus 606 BASIC

Compact Corrosion Testing Instrument For tests in accordance with all salt spray standards. The compact Corrosion Testing Instrument, Model 606-Basic, to perform salt spray and condensation tests, is made of impact resistant, eco-friendly polypropylene material and is delivered in a rectangular design in the following chamber volume capacities: 300 l, 400 l,  and 1000 l (the new 300L size in a vertical orientation) 

Model 529 Hygrotherm Humidity Cabinet

For condensed water tests (constant humidity) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6270-2, DIN 50018, DIN 53771, DIN 55358, DIN 55991 T1, ISO 11503, ISO 3231, ISO 4541, ASTM D 2247-97, BS 3900:F8 and NF T 30-055.


Compact instruments to determine the resistance to exposure to sun light using a Xenon high pressure lamp (1500 W or 2500 W). Adjustable levels of irradiance, uniform illumination by special mirror system, exchangeable filters for variable UV fraction. Programmable flooding system for periodic wetting of specimens available.


The HYGROTHERM 519 Smart model is equipped with a PLC control unit. The necessary test parameters are entered via a touch screen display with user-friendly menu navigation.  Allows a fully automatic or manual process for testing the behavior of corrosion protection systems when exposed to condensation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6270-2. Suitable for conducting condensed water constant (CH) and alternating climate (AHT, AT) tests and also for carrying out tests in an atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide according to DIN EN ISO 6988.


Inexpensive apparatus for testing the corrosion resistance of specimens in condensation water climate with or without SO2 addition in accordance with different standards. Robust 300 l plastic chamber with front door loading. A larger version with 1000 l test chamber volume can be supplied in special design.

Scratch Stylus 463

This hand operated instrument complete with carbide cutting tip provides a convenient means of scoring a 1 mm wide rectangular track in a surface coating – for corrosion tests.


Portable instrument to apply defined scratches through coatings on specimen panels used for corrosion tests. Compact construction for fatigue-free operation. Scratch tool with van Laar geometry. Defined adjustment of the depth of the scratch in increments of 25 microns

Scratch Pen 426

A practical instrument with tungsten carbide tip 0.5 mm in diameter. The instrument is used for standardised scratching of corrosion test samples.