Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 146

The special feature of Models 145-60 and 145-100 is the increased drawing speed of the drawing  punch which, in addition to the normal drawing speed range of 0 – 1200 mm/min can be adjusted, in an infinitely variable manner and independent of
load, up to 3000 mm/min. This is achieved by using a separate oil circuit, fed by a pump with high volumetric displacement. Contrary to the high speed attachment based on a nitrogen accumulator, here a constant drawing speed behavior is guaranteed over the total displacement of 150 mm. As to the technical design and the options available, including PC control and proportional valve technique, this machines are similar to Models 145.  With electro-hydraulic Drive and PLC.  With an extensive tooling and accessory list, the machine performs FLC-Test, Bulge-Test, High Speed Test standardized.

Bulge/FLC Tester Model 161

Model 161, is an electrohydraulic testing machine to carry out the hydraulic cupping test on all ferrous and nonferrous metals. Specimens up to a size of 400 x 650 mm can be tested. In addition to the actual hydraulic forming process the design of the machine also allows the use of ball punches (FLC) up to a diameter of 100 to 195 mm.

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 145

The Models 145-60 and 145-100 belongs to the top-of-the-line models of our sheet metal testing machines. Depending on the demand, there are two versions available: with a drawing force of 600 kN or 1000 kN, including an increased blanking force and blank holder holder force for blank diameters up to 220 mm. The testing machines are equipped with electro-hydraulic drive, fully automatic test sequence and switch-off at specimen failure. This Sheet Metal Testing Machine is not only ideal for the effortless, quick and accurately all important and known-deep drawing tests for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it is also designed for a large number of additional technological investigations.

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 142

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine with electrohydraulic drive, fully automatic test sequence and switch off at specimen failure, max. drawing forces200 kN or 400 kN -Model 142-20-BasicandModel142-40-Basic, Model 142-20 and Model 142-40 are available. Capable of performing ERICHSEN Cupping Test, ERICHSEN Deep Drawing Cup Test, FLC-Test, Bulge-Test, High Speed Test including an extensive range available on request.   Testing in acc. to ISO 8490, EN 14-58, EN 14-67, EN ISO 20482, JIS Z-2247, DIN EN 1669, ISO 11 531, JIS Z 2249, GB/T 15825

Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 134

With electro-hydraulic drive, max. drawing force 120 kN and adjustment for pre-setting the blank holder pressure max. 45 kN, blanking head (max. blanking force of 200 kN), automatic test sequence and facility for automatic stop at specimen failure. Drawing force and blankholder force as well as the drawing punch stroke are displayed digitally   ERICHSEN Cupping Test, Deep Drawing Cup Test, Bore Expanding Test and Special Tests.   Electro-hydraulic drive Program Logic  control Fully automatic test sequence

Automatic Cupping Test Machine Model 111

Electronically controlled cupping test machine with electro-hydraulic drive and automatic test sequence, including crack detection, standardized cupping speed and a maximum drawing force of 45 kN – This testing machine is available as a work-top model with compact dimensions which requires only a minimum of space. For the ERICHSEN CUPPING TEST on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in accordance with the following standards: ISO 8490 DIN 50 101 / 50 102 EN 14-58 ASTM 643-84 EN 14-67 JIS Z-2247

Ear Measuring Instrument Model 126 PLUS

The Model 126 Plus ear measuring instrument is used to make axial measurements of deep-draw cups and can blanks. The typical standards here are DIN EN 1669 and ISO 11531. The device consists of a rotary table, a jaw chuck and a vertical measuring head (with measuring roller and length measuring probe). A jaw chuck secures and centers the cup. The measuring head can be adjusted to fit different sample diameters and heights. During one revolution of the rotary table, the measuring head records the shape of the cup edge (the so-called unevenness).  Ear measuring instrument, for cups of 15 – 50 mm diameter, max. 100 mm cup height

Bead Test Instrument Model 227

The Bead Test Instrument Model 227, enables the quantitative assessment of the technological properties of stamping paints and plastic coatings on cylindrical standard cups.  The instrument was designed to produce stresses comparable to those which occur in practice and is  particularly suited for use in the development of high quality stamping paints

Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 102 up to 60 kN/80 kN tensile force

With electro-hydraulic drive and fully automatic test sequence.  ERICHSEN Cupping Test, Deep Drawing Cup Test, Bore Expanding Test, Data Evalution Software with User Test Software, Data logger for recording the measurements such as drawing and blank holder force and stroke.   This Sheet Metal Testing Machine is intended for testing materials in the medium thickness range (0.1 to approx. 3.5 mm). It provides rapid an reliable quality monitoring for sheet metal producers and users.


Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 100

The ERICHSEN Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 100, is a bench mounted unit with a cast iron machine body and a cylindrical test head. To conduct the cupping test the sheet metal specimen or foil is entered into an opening through the test head. The screw-in blankholder is set for the sheet thickness using the scale provided. The test head is then tightened manually against a stop on the locating sleeve. This clamps the blank with a force of 10 kN as required by the cupping test standards mentioned above. The clutch pin is pulled outwards from the locating sleeve, the test head is turned clockwise and the cupping process commences. The cupping test value reached is displayed on a digital counter. The forming process and the appearance of the crack can be observed conveniently looking down onto the blank holder.