Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 146

The special feature of Models 145-60 and 145-100 is the increased drawing speed of the drawing  punch which, in addition to the normal drawing speed range of 0 – 1200 mm/min can be adjusted, in an infinitely variable manner and independent of
load, up to 3000 mm/min. This is achieved by using a separate oil circuit, fed by a pump with high volumetric displacement. Contrary to the high speed attachment based on a nitrogen accumulator, here a constant drawing speed behavior is guaranteed over the total displacement of 150 mm. As to the technical design and the options available, including PC control and proportional valve technique, this machines are similar to Models 145.  With electro-hydraulic Drive and PLC.  With an extensive tooling and accessory list, the machine performs FLC-Test, Bulge-Test, High Speed Test standardized.

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