PASTE INK PROOFER (629) Roller Application Unit (Automatic)

The Paste Proofer is very well suited for fast, repeatable, very accurate colour matching of litho inks, web offset inks and letter-press inks. Its unique ink dispensing system eliminates the need to weigh or measure the colour samples on this device. The ability of the Paste Proofer to quickly and easily produce sample proofs makes it an essential tool for ink manufacturing and printing shops. The proofs can be used to create base data for computer colour matching, for customer samples, or for testing hue, gloss, opacity, penetrability, drying, contrast, and abrasion resistance.


Accurate proofs produced in a single operation.

No messy weighing or measuring of inks, unlike other proofers.

Two inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison.

Complete inking/proofing/cleaning cycle only 2 – 3 minutes.

Multiple proofs easily obtained using any substrate.

Reduces press down-time.

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