UNIMAT 056 BASIC Tensile & Pressure Testing Machine

Material testing machine 20 kN, 700 mm travel, 425 mm working width or Material testing machine 20 kN, 1200 mm travel, 425 mm working width

The compact material testing machines of the UNIMAT® BASIC series have been specifically designed to facilitate quality checks simple and fast. The   machines   are   available   with   a   capacity  of 3 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN or 20 kN (higher forces on request).  The robust construction of massive aluminum and stainless steel makes these testing machines suitable for in-process controls. For driving the cross-arm the Universal Testing Machines are equipped with electric motor drive (microprocessor-controlled, recirculating ball screw and bellows).
The motor including controls as well as the measurement and control system are integrated into the desktop housing. The force is measured via a strain gauge load cell.  All testing machines can also be operated as a stand-alone version (with internal software) – without a PC – or with an external Windows program. The testing machines operated via control panel with foil keypad (LCD with 2-line display).  (at models 050/052 – integrated into housing; at model 054/056 – side mounting or by remote control)

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